alive matrix BUSINESS

As an Independent Agent for alive matrix I am very happy about all the changes that the business has made over the last year, WHY is that? It has caused quite a bit of a stir amongst a lot of people who registered with alive matrix, paid the joining fees, signed the contract that alive matrix had which was. “This is NOT an investment or equity of any kind”. All of the complaints you may see online are from those that put their money into alive matrix, sat back and expected the money to roll in. In fact hundreds if not thousands even cheated the system by registering a couple of family members who did not know they were being registered and whom had ZERO intention of running the alive matrix BUSINESS.

So there were a lot of people from all around the world that totally ignored the agreement upon registration that now have the ‘entitlement’ to get all of their money back plus some more. They basically put their money into the business and deliberately treated it like an investment. If you aren’t with alive matrix now and expecting ‘refunds’ and all sorts of cash handouts then who’s fault is that? Like it was said in EVERY webinar, “alive matrix is NOT an investment or here to give handouts, if you want a handout go to the government, if you want an investment put your money in the bank…” I am not sure what could be more clear than this…

Here is my perfect analogy for these people who think they are entitled…
These people expecting refunds and more by whinging and crying that it’s not fair. Head out to a Coffee Club Franchise and buy a nice store with all of the trimmings. After your initial week of training you get the keys to your store and on Monday you don’t get out of bed to open the doors. There is another training session on Thursday Night but you are just too good to go because you are going to make a heap of money with your Coffee Club. Week 4 goes by and the monthly bills roll in, which you pay willingly and this continues for another 6 months. You login to your Coffee Club back office every day and when you login there is a message that clearly states you are in BUSINESS with the Coffee Club and you need to open your doors and talk to customers but you ignored that and and kept the doors closed because you wanted to make money before opening the doors or as these idiots said. “I will talk to people when I start taking money out…” Does that make sense to any rational thinking person in the BUSINESS world???

In all that time, the first 2 weeks you opened the Coffee Shop a couple of times for a few family members and made them a coffee, which they paid for. You then decided that you would buy them a Coffee Club Franchise for 4 people and paid for all that yourself. Your family had no idea you were buying them the Franchise and wanted nothing to do with it, so you paid their fees as well for a few months. When you got sick of not making any money you then went back to the Coffee Club Master Franchisee and demanded that they pay you the money back for the Franchise you purchased PLUS all of the monthly fees and expenses you paid PLUS the same for all of the other Coffee Club Franchises you bought for your family who didn’t want the stores.
As you can clearly see this is TOTALLY ludicrous, YES this is EXACTLY what a lot of people are doing and have done with alive matrix.

Why do I believe in alive matrix? I WORKED the business and I made money. Since September last year I have personally spoken to hundreds of people. Over 100 of those people registered and are working the business with me as well. Statistics show that about 20% – 30% will register with a new business to make more money BUT only about 5 out of every 100 will actually take the business to another level. Can and could EVERYONE have made or make money with alive matrix? YES. Does everyone? NO. The entitlement factor in our society is alarming, these people have all been given the opportunity to abide by the agreement and EARN as much money as they want and cover their out of pocket expenses, they are purely NOT willing to do it because they expect everything for nothing.

As an Independent Agent I believe alive matrix had to make some really hard decisions purely for the survival of the business. If I was the Coffee Club Master Franchisee I am 100% sure they can take your Coffee Club Franchise off you WITHOUT any recompense at all if you are not willing to WORK the business as per YOUR AGREEMENT with the Master Franchisee.